"My work explores the perception of form and colour. Using carefully selected tones and the suggestion of structure, each piece aims to visualise a particular thought or feeling."


From a young age I taught myself to paint. I experimented with landscapes and still life well into my teens but as I began a career in commercial interiors, painting took a back seat. That was until the sudden death of my mother in 2019. 

From that moment, nothing made sense anymore. 

To try and rationalise what had happened I began to sketch. My focus shifted from what I could see in front of me to what I could not see at all. This is where my career as an Artist truly began. 

Since, I have explored the idea of visualising conceptual thought and transferring this onto canvas. Expressing a feeling that words cannot. 

My ever-evolving style has been heavily influenced by my design background but it is also formed by constant experimentation with materials and techniques.